Hello world!

Welcome to Stitch’s Loft…

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  1. Stitch says:

    Welcome to Stitch’s Loft…

  2. Stitch says:

    The site is coming along…

  3. Stitch says:

    Biz cards are in! About to start on the first two P-90 harness orders! Thank you for your orders!

  4. Stitch says:

    A51AP are about to roll off the press be the first to have the FIRST Screen accurate one available anywhere…

  5. Jean-Francois Beaupre says:

    I bought leather Rebel Legion patches and Jedi capsules from Stitch and I’m very satisfied. This guy offers quality work and has a real desire to please his clients. Great communication too !

    The Force is strong with him !

    Thanks from Montreal, Canada


  6. PR2 Adam J. Bahr says:

    I really appreciate what Stitch is doing. He has been jumping through hoops to get this belt buckle i want. He constantly keeps in contact with you to to let you know just how the order is coming.

    ~Thanks Stitch!!


    • Stitch says:

      Thanks Adam,

      The buckles have not been easy got hit with couple surprises but we have pushed through they are paid for and just waiting on the 4-5 week mfg turn-around time!

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