SG-1 Desert Vest Project (2013-2014)


Haven t updated in while but there has been more webbing progress and really only have ONE more to identify! Good news ran into a guy that knows some people at Eagle Industries so that might reveal some long waited secrets or information…

More good news we found that draw cord stop last night with some more searching! Ordering these this week!

Cord Lock








Still fighting this webbinshoulder belt webbingg mess~! Finding Mil-Spec webbing from 15 years ago proves to be much harder than I had guessed in the beginning!The side and rear belt loops as well as shoulder adjustment clip wedding was thought to be a MIL-W-17337, but after samples the weave and thickness is not correct!





The hunt for the correct webbing has been on for weeks and we think we have at least located a supplier that can help us and another $155.00 of webbing has been purchased. Still looking at couple more things we need, but we should be very close on all counts.WEB1TAUN_1z

Am trying to work on this almost daily even if its only one more sample or phone call. On hard days I been spending about 1-2 hours following up leads. Decided to send out an email blast to this who wanted these. I have emails saved all way back to 2011. Has it really been that long?? Wow!


Time to get busy on this again! We thought this be good motivation for us to finish search for missing items so we can try to roll these vests out for this summer! My desert BH is working on for me for now!  6645






Been busy summer with projects, cons and of course the new baby! Hollee is a huge blessing to our family and we very excited to see her grow up loving our Des Vestpassion, but time will tell. I am still working on these when I can. The webbing is becoming the hardest part to match and I may have to cave and just get something “close” which I hate to do, but if it means getting these made it needs to happen! I did find a awesome “Sheppard” style HUSKY Blackhawk vest to use for a pattern for the larger vests and to tie me over till I get these made for my costume!


After another week we have gotten few more samples in. The webbing is correct, but not the shade of color. So far we have identified two MIL-SPEC webbing’s to be 5038 & 17337. Was hoping this TAN499 would be our baby, but once again close but no cigar!


After HOURS and WEEKS of research and searching ever webbing mfg, fabric supplier and mesh out there we finally got some samples today in the mail that seem promising! We will attempt to replicate these down to some of the smallest details! Issue is there are some strange details I do not even understand.

  • -Why would your two front pistol belt straps be a different type & size from the side and back of the vest?
  • -Why use 4 different types of webbing on the vest?
  • -Why use a small grade zipper? Why not heavy duty like on a standard BH vest?
  • -Plastic Hardware really?

-Well what ever the reasons I will try to find as close as match to these oddities as I can and offer the truly FIRST screen accurate SG-1 Desert Vest! I am hoping Daniel, Cam, Sam, Jack and Teal`c would approve. You can be the judge!



scifinow018Vala Sam

SG-AOT-MS-0033_jpg sgaotat0011pg3 Ben


Well after what seems a 100 requests and my wife being almost attacked at Farpoint seen wearing a real screen used vest, I am finally giving in this year I started the quest to build my customers the perfect Stargate SG-1 Desert Tac-Vest. Time to get busy on this and get serious!


The story goes that production contacted Eagle Industries back in the late 90′s and ask them to make some desert vests. Four prototypes were made based on already existing materials and fabrics they used for other vests after I am sure some specification were passed down the chain. The result was a lightweight desert tactical vest.

422_03With the gulf war ramped up already at this point a few companies even Blackhawk were making some, but for whatever reason they choice to NOT go off the shelf this time and have something unique made, thanks a lot guys! LOL

Over the years they seem to have changed a tad and we know with the introduction of Ben and Claudia in Season 9 there were more than 4 vests. So at some point production had to have re-made or copied Eagles work. I am still doing some homework on this area of my research!

A few attempts have been tried over the years. Dan Kim, President & CEO and of SFH ( did a small batch some years back. Also overtime a couple hardcore costumers have made some pretty good replicas, mostly in France. the UK and Australia… My goal is to put into production a cannon and close to screen accurate as possible (for those that know me already, would you expect any less) of the later season vests.



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Farpoint 2013!

Second year in row we were able to attend Farpoint with Dealer’s table. We been hard at work trying to sell more Stargate and get some fun pics at the table… Of course our new friend Shane “McKay” was in the house for his second con and looking very smart behind the keyboard! And of course it was my 41st birthday… I skipped the cake but grabbed a yummy blizzard at the DQ on the way home!

Farpoint2013IMG_3228 IMG_3230IMG_3218IMG_3231












Dan again is our neighbor from Alchemy Arms…




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SGU Pattern Sets!

Stitch’s Loft has acquired the male and female patterns for the black SGU uniforms and we hope to have them in production by 2013. They will be mfg from black ripstop and based off the REAL original production patterns… More to come on these!






We will be starting the Icarus Base patch run soon as well as we now have screen used name tags and rank to reproduce them for the jackets…




























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Fan Expo 2012

Stargate in the house for Fan Expo 2012…


McKay and Sheppard try to solve a puzzle…

We even located a survivor from the Destiny crew…








…and after 6 long years I got to see Amanda Tapping again…


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SG Jackets Liners!

We have identified and located source for the crape satin jacket liners to make them more screen accurate. It is still not a 100% match but they are sooo nice and much better quality so we have decided to pull the trigger on this for all new jackets. The jacket prices had to be increased slightly due to having to procure this materal from third party and then ship to my mfg for construction. We are confident that this is a much better product and we will be using this from now on~!










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Wife’s New Blog is up!

Check out the wife’s new blog…


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AF A51AP are done!

AF A51AP is ready to start shipping out!

Anything anyone wants to see on here lets us know!


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Hello world!

Welcome to Stitch’s Loft…

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